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MONARCHIA Guesthouse & Restaurant


MONARCHY GUESTHOUSE & RESTAURANT. Lake Balaton, and the pedestrian street Festetics castle , 15 minutes from the shore of Lake Balaton homely guesthouse, restaurant and cafe all year waiting for Dear guests! Comfortable, clean, homely rooms with balconies, free closed parking lot, demanding diverse "Monarchiás; kitchen affordable, cheap prices and decades of professional experience in your honor we serve We recommend individual travelers, children from families, friends, business travelers, fun weekends, holidays, vacations, relax, really each other company, spent carefree family atmosphere to rest, work or studying for accommodation seekers, everyone. offers discount group meal, Lake Balaton holiday, holidays, hotels, special weekend, holiday, fair service, affordable prices in the capital of Lake Balaton.

MONARCHY, where the guests of the Emperor!


Double/single room:                        PHOTO ALBUM
Number of beds: 2
Room info: Common bathroom-toilette (1 for 2 rooms), Hair dryer, Internet, TV, Balcony, Fridge,

Price: 9800.-HUF /2 person / night (No boarding)

Double bed apartment:
Number of beds: 2(+2)
Room info: Shower, Toilette, Hair dryer, Internet, TV, Kitchen, Fridge,

Price: 12900.-HUF /2 person / night  (No boarding)

Breakfast: 1000.-HUF /person

Half-pension: 3000.-HUF /person (breakfast+dinner)



H-8360 Keszthely, Kisfaludy str.20.

+36 30 9119329